World Flipper (ワールドフリッパー) released 5 days ago, and many of my friends and crew jumped right into Cygames' new pinball title. You can read kev's overview here. The musical score and pixel-art have me smitten, and we rushed to clear the monthly shop of weapons and materials before the first of December. That said, most of our teams were scuffed, even with element advantage.

[wf name="fox_companion"] Shirano Overview (★★★)

type: auxiliary race: fairy attribute: water

Being immersed in moon-runes with your friends is a breath of fresh air to me — to seek meta and mechanical understanding... As we build this site, we want to post both individual unit analyses and map specific recommendations.

Let's start by looking at Shirano's utility, and when to consider fielding her.

  • leader skill: +35% HP for spirit characters (Philia, Cagliostro)
  • ability: invulnerability effect to all allies for 5 seconds
    • node 1: at the start of battle, skill gauge +80%
    • node 2: when you use activate a skill, +30% gauge for all allies, excluding Shirano (once per battle)
    • node 3 (M): when HP is 80% or above, water characters +20% attack, fire resistance +15%

(M) shirano must be in the main party of three adventurers for this to activate

leader skill: at first glance, Shirano's HP-centric leader ability looks relatively weak compared to that of several of the release SSR abilities.  It definitely sucks.

However, it does serve a single niche use of allowing you to build a budget "tank" team that helps you survive co-op content so that your friends can help you clear difficult maps.  In most stages, Shirano is better utilized as a unison partner: the secondary adventurer you "equip" to your main three party members.

node 1: +80% skill gauge is outstanding, and can be used to make sure you have a more powerful skill ready to go at the beginning of a fight.  

Dokkan (Clarisse) [wf name="clarisse"] also has +80% skill gauge up, but she is gated behind SSR rates.  There are a few other units that we're planning on covering later  [wf name="reaper_girl"]  [wf name="fire_shaman"]  that have +100% skill gauge with a price (-10% HP), and some that start with +100% skill gauge if they're a main party member [wf name="student_gunsmith"] [wf name="chakram_shooter"]

node 2: an immediate 30% gauge for other allies is pretty sweet for getting those utility skills online to start chaining breaks quickly.  

If your team composition doesn't have Hanabi [wf name="kunoichi"] (100% skill gauge for all fire adventurers), or three adventurers with +high skill gauge% upon entering the battle, Shirano can really help make sure your team stabilizes if a map or boss has front-loaded damage.

node 3: this is not a bad node by any means, but I'm not convinced it warrants running Shirano in the main party.

ability: Hard Lich opener does 0 damage with Shirano ready at the start of the battle (I'm running enmity on my other account, Jeremey takes 0 damage as well)  :pogey: Shirano's ability looks like the regular shield from Sonic the Hedgehog (You can see it being cast on Hanabi and the rest of my team in the gif below)

I was running Shirano as a unison partner for [wf name="wind_oracle"] co-op Orochi (The final co-op boss until Chapter 7 is released) to help keep my teammates healed (Or in this case, shielded from damage). I ran a total of four healers during these runs [wf name="wind_oracle"][wf name="fox_companion"] [wf name="arisa"][wf name="nurse"] or [wf name="bishop_girl"]. We averaged 4:30 clears on (auto) and never wiped for 20 consecutive runs. However, with several more days of playing saved to the servers, a damage composition is probably preferred, provided each co-op teammate brings a little healing. If you need to bring a rainbow team to this fight, try equipping the World 4 Orb (When there are 3 or more types of race in a party, entire party attack power +30%).

I also think that stagger-casting three Shirano abilities might have applications for a full team enmity composition.  Outside of the obvious usefulness of not dying for several seconds on 1hp, if you can afford to wait to use Shirano's skill, you can skip large bursts of damage (like if you fail to break admin's rm -rf ability).  But that's three valuable unison slots, so it's likely the fewer shields needed the better.

Note - the node 1 and node 2 abilities do not refresh their usage from battle to battle in the new labyrinth mode (Solo content boss rush).  I'm not sure if any adventurers get a reset on their "entering a battle" skills, since your gauge carries over from fight to fight.

Potential Compositions With

enmity conditions:
Mino [wf name="minotaur_girl"] — >HP 50% = +185% own ATK
Bercetia  [wf name="dimension_witch"] — >HP 50% = +170% party ATK & +30% own ATK
Alm [wf name="devil_princess"] — >HP 50% =  +25% party ATK & +40% own ATK & +30% multi-ball

enmity support:

H!Henry Andy [wf name="undead_boy"] — usually the healthiest party member, I would consider Shirano or Erza [wf name="nurse"] as a unison.


Marianne [wf name="battle_maid"] — her double cast passive might be useful for sustained damage for a one-stage fight.


[wf name="fox_companion"] Shirano is currently the only unit in the game with an invulnerability mechanic.  I'm looking forward to seeing twitter (#ワーフリ), reddit, and discord figuring out other places where her ability can be used to great effect ~