Powerflips are one of the main mechanics of World Flipper. The tutorial explains how powerflips work. However, if you are like me and don't understand a lick of Japanese, your only in-game source of informations are the graphics that accompany them. On a first impression, it seems rather simple. Rack up your combo count, and your next flip will power up based on the combo count. However, as most things in World Flipper are, there is a surprising amount of depth to this mechanic. This post will describe the details of powerflips and how you can best utilize them.

The Basics

Powerflips are generated through combos. Dealing damage to enemies, either via skills or via hitting the target with a ball, will increase the combo count. Once you flip the party again using the flippers, your combo will end. This flip will be powered up, if the previous combo was high enough. There are 3 levels of powerflip, and the higher the level, the more powerful the flip. The following combo counts are required for hitting the respective power flip level:

  • lvl 1 = 9 combo
  • lvl 2 = 15 combo
  • lvl 3 = 39 combo

You need at least a combo count of 9 for level 1. If you hit the ball with the flippers at a combo count of 13, it will still be a level 1 powerflip. There is no "inbetween": A 27 combo count will not grant a 2.5 powerflip level. Levels 1 and 2 are fairly easy to reach because of their relatively low combo requirement. However, the gap between level 2 and 3 is rather large. Level 3 powerflips tend to be a good amount stronger than the other 2, hence the increase.

An arsenal of flips

Power level isn't the only factor in determining your powerflip. If you've paid attention to the different characters, you may have noticed that there are different weapon categories. These will affect your powerflip. Note that only the leader's weapon determines this. None of the other party members, main or unison, will affect the powerflip weapon. Let's go over the weapons and what they do:

  • Sword: The Sword powerflip does damage in an area around the leader. This makes it especially good for dealing with multiple enemies at once, as it has a decent area of effect at level 2, and at level 3 it will cover nearly a quarter of the screen. This powerflip activates the moment you flip the party.
  • Bow: When powered up, the Bow class will fire off a beam in the direction they are flipped in. This beam has a high potential damage output, especially on multiple targets, but can be easy to miss if played incorrectly. Level 3 adds 2 beams on either side of the main beam that are angled slightly differently. Activates the moment you flip the party.
  • Staff: Staff is the most support-oriented powerflip. Unlike other powerflips, it does not do increased damage. Instead, it briefly grants the entire party a Float, Penetration and Attack buff. The duration is based on powerflip level. Furthermore, at level 3, this powerflip will do damage to every enemy on the map. Activates when you flip the party.
  • Fist: Fist is essentially the opposite of Sword. Opon hitting the target, the leader will attack multiple times, based on powerflip level. After this, the party will be launched up, regardless of the angle of attack. This one activates when you strike the first target, however this needs to be done shortly after flipping, or the powerflip will expire.
  • Special: Lastly, Special sits in the middle ground between Fist and Sword. Upon hitting the enemy, an explosion will damage an area centered on the attack. The size and damage increase with powerflip level. This attack will activate upon striking the target.

Damage calculation

The damage your powerflip does is based on the power level, the weapon type and the attack stat of the leader. The leader's attack will be multiplied by a value dependent on the power level and weapon type. Furthermore, buffs on the leader can affect this, and certain characters have abilities that can increase powerflip damage. This increases the damage of the flip as well.

Currently, I haven't found the exact damage mod values or damage formula. This will be updated once I figure it out

As a side note, the higher your powerflip level, the more SP you gain. This is used to fill the party's Skill Gauge.

Tips for using powerflips

Now that you have an understanding of how powerflips work, we can start figuring out how to best utilize them.

Choose your fighter

Each weapon has their own niche:

  • Swords excel in fights with multiple targets, or lots of smaller enemies that need to be cleared. Examples are the Elemental Ruins, the Bomber Boar and the Fox Spirit fight.
  • Bows can do well in any content, but are relatively difficult to use as it requires rather precise aiming. The AI especially is really bad at using this.
  • Staffs are great for hitting multiple weak spots on a boss due to the Penetration buff. Both Float and Pen are also common archetypes with multiple units gaining increased attack or other beneficial effects when they have a Float and/or Pen buff. This is one of the reasons Philia is such a good Lead unit for Wind (although far from the most important reason). Recommended for fights where it is key to hit weak spots, such as Orochi, or fights where you are using teams that appreciate Float, Penetration or Attack buffs. Units with permanently stacking buffs whenever they are floating/penetrating come to mind.
  • Fist is king of single target damage and can chain powerflips easily. It is also rather easy to hit due to being able to activate the dash to strike the target. Recommended for most boss fights
  • Special is a middle ground between Sword and Fist, incorporating the Area of Effect of Sword but with a degree of controlability of Fist. As such, Special works well for all types of combat, but will fall short of excelling in one specific thing.

In the end, this is my personal recommendation. I recommend trying them all out to see which one feels the best. That said, weapon type is just one of many things to consider when selecting your leader, and leader skill and abilities should take priority over this.

Racking up your combo count

The most important part of a powerflip is charging it up. The best way to keep up a combo without any character skills or abilities is by getting your ball above the monster and letting gravity do it's work. This is best done by launching up the sides, then dashing straight down when you are above the monster, and bounce up and down a couple of times. If there are more than 1 enemy present, you can attempt to bounce off of them as well. Utilize bumpers when they are present.

Another way to get your combo count going is through the use of Float. Float allows your party to ignore gravity, which means they can bounce off the flippers without ending the combo, as long as you dont tap the screen.

Skills also help with your combo count. Many skills in World Flipper have multiple damage instances. These all count as single hits, so you can rack up the combo count by using skills with a lot of damage instances. Sonya [wf "name=brown_fighter"] is an example.

Holding your powerflip

Sometimes, you don't want to immdeiately use your powerflip. This can be because you don't have the correct angle, are risking smashing into an enemy attack, or you just want a moment to aim. However, if your units fall into the spikes below your flippers, they will lose their powerflip. To answer to these issues is quite simple: press and hold the screen. This will raise the flippers and keep them raised, preventing your units from sliding off into the spikes and allowing you to take aim - which is especially important for the Bow.

Chaining powerflips

I speak mostly from experience using the Fist powerflip here, but this also works for Sword and possibly Bow. Any hits from your powerflip attack will count for your next combo. A trick specifically for Fist is to utilize the fact that the party will launch up after hitting the target. This means that striking a boss from below gets you an extra 3 hits in:


Notice how the combo count only goes up to 7 when powerflipping the Golem from above, but goes up to 10 when powerflipping it from below, even though both powerflips are the same level

This allows you to get 10 hits in with just 1 attack, effectively chaining your powerflips indefinitely as long as you keep hitting from below. Sword and Bow can also use their multi-hit properties to get enough hits in to chain level 1 or even level 2 powerflips. Staff and Special have a harder time doing this because of their inherently lower hit count (Once for staff and Once per enemy hit for Special)

AI and powerflips

Frankly, the AI is really bad at using powerflips properly. Some weapons work better for autobattling than others, however. Fist is perhaps the worst of the 5 weapons for autobattle, because the AI can easily waste it on small enemies or just straight up miss. Special also suffers from the same accuracy issues, however at least it's Area of Effect so there is more chance of hitting the main target. Sword and Staff are the best options for auto-battling, as their powerflips aren't very easy to waste. Especially staff is good to use due to its buffs. I have personally not auto-battled using a bow leader so I can't say how good the AI is with the bow powerflip.

Closing thoughts

Overall, there is a lot of depth to such a seemingly straightforward mechanic, and it makes World Flipper all the more fun to play. While weapon type likely won't be the determining factor for choosing your leader, it can definitely play a part in how you will play a fight.