12/09/2019 (1.0.5)

  • Significantly improved minimized resources before deployment
  • Moved the History.js out to its own CDN
  • Switched to Google CDN for jQuery
  • Re-enabled share links (only Twitter and Facebook currently)
  • Switched to Crimson Pro, an improved version of Crimson Text with far better kerning on italicized ch
  • Offloaded fonts from Google APIs to local, thereby removing all Google CDN reliance and thus being available for Chinese browsers

12/08/2019 (1.0.4)

  • Updated the original yuurei theme with the contents of this current yuurei theme
  • Added CI/CD pipeline, which is very cool
  • Added gulp for minimizing resources before deployment (don't worry, it's part of the pipeline)
  • Added author profile pictures
  • Cleaned up a lot of resources, some of which were being downloaded without being used
  • Scored a 94 on Google PageSpeed Insights, which is pretty cool albeit could be better

12/06/2019 (1.0.3)


  • Removed the very significant post-container margin (5em???) and adjusted to compensate

12/04/2019 (1.0.2)

  • Added a default error page (pretty barebones with an optional stack trace?)
  • Added a 404 error page with a cute battle maid
  • Removed "Posts Tagged:" from tag pages, since it was kind of ugly tbh
  • Significantly improved the captions to look... not terrible, honestly (italicized and reduced padding)
  • Removed some extremely odd code swapping two otherwise identical body contents (don't think there are any unintended side effects...)
  • Updated the formatting of the newer/older pagination link to better match the overall style

12/03/2019 (1.0.1)

  • Added some newer shortcode nicknames for DL units
  • Added an expansion for certain common prefixes (halloween_, gala_, etc...)

12/02/2019 (1.0.0)

  • "Released" 1.0.0 of the yuurei theme, which affects no one, but... small victories.
  • Force refresh of script asset with a version query param. Currently too lazy to set up minifying and hashing.
  • Added all DL assets currently in the game.
  • Moved all DL assets to notte.is.seriously.moe, which should make it a lot simpler to manage the theme itself as it's a separate entity.
  • Added some quick DL nicknames.


  • Fixed ipv6 connectivity, which turned out to be an actual problem impacting some people including Spooke and Lulu.


  • Fixed some weird shortcode bugs.
  • Added Prism.js syntax highlighting (will we ever use this?)
  • Fixed another bug where clicking to the same post after searching for it (i.e. not actually changing your url because the source and destination are the same) lead to unintuitive UX. This is kind of a really niche user flow, but whatever.
  • Added DL shortcodes.