Complaints about e/m HDTs:
- They are too hard and require hours and hours just for one clear
- Pubs suck
- You need too many materials to make the new weapons
- Not fun at all, each fight needs perfect positioning and no mistakes

- In theory, only your first clear will require hour and hours of practice.
- After you spend hours and hours doing your first clear, find something other than a pub.  Find people on discord or whatever that also spent hours and hours for their first clear and know the fight too.  Even if you mess up, you can tell each other what to do better.  Don't be a bitch and call someone out on something if they're doing something wrong.  If you invest in people, you will end up with a group of people you can always rely on.  "BuT i ShOuLdN'T nEeD tO uSe DiScOrD fOr A mObIlE gAmE!!  tHiS iS sUpPoSeD tO bE cAsUaL!!"  Well if you're not going to invest yourself into going a little above what's expected because there's literally nothing Cygames/ Nintendo can do about in game chat due to the implications, then I'm sure since you're all casuals you will enjoy being able to do all the events and whatnot with your IO farmed weapons that are more than good enough for those!  

- The materials needed for an HDT1 weapon is the amount you get from doing 3 weeklies of any given dragon.  I don't know why everyone is in a rush to make their best weapons when we literally just began the master HDT cycle a month ago.  Even the most hardcore players who consistently clear and refresh are only around 2-3 HDT2 weapons per element.  And what's the use of those 2-3 HDT2 weapons per element right now?  Absolutely nothing! "bUt Mg 55!!"  Like I said, absolutely nothing!  When HBH first came out, 99% of the community was gated out of it due to it being character/ dragon locked.  However, everyone was fine with it because HBH didn't give anything good right?   Well look at it this way, you do HDTs to make HDT weapons to do HDTs easier.  If you don't do HDTs at all, what do you need the new weapons for when you don't actually need the weapons for anything outside of them?  "bUt MuH fUtUrE uPdAtEs!"  Even if Cygames released something that was balanced around HDT2 weapons, what does it matter to you at this exact moment in time?  The fear that you might not have enough prepped to be able to do these as soon as they come out?   If you clear ANY master once, its first time clear reward is 25 out of the 30 horns needed to make an HDT2 weapon.  This is not counting the actual boss rewards which is an extra 1-3 more.  So in reality you only need to clear master twice to get your first HDT2 weapon.  And then in theory, getting your first HDT2 weapon will make farming the next dragon in the cycle much easier for materials.

- git gud

tl;dr: If you're a casual, don't complain about not being able to get the new weapons since chances are you don't need it anyways.  Enjoy farming IOs and getting the previous best weaps that allow you to clear every other content easily!