How They're Made

With Grace's release, Dark and Hawk Teams, henceforth referred to as "Dork Teams", can pretty much clear almost all of the master HDTs with consistency and speed due to significantly reducing the number of mechanics you have to care about.

Grace's shield is basically a heal, affliction blocker, and knockback immunity mixed in one, so as long as you can fully block the damage, you can unga and bunga to your heart's content. I italicized fully because there's currently a bug where damage that surpasses the shield doesn't inflict the affliction when it should.

Unfortunately, we didn't know about it until after we recorded, but it should only takes a few chain co-abs tweaks to get about the same result.

Okay. Let's talk about the runs.

The Runs (and some notes)

When I went about recording these runs, I had two goals in mind:

  1. It has to be easy to execute.
    It has to be easy to execute so that people can reproduce it without much trouble even with mistakes.
  2. It has to be pretty fast.
    It has to be fast because if it's not faster than your typical runs, why bother?

So, in an attempt to make these runs more "authentic", the runs were intentionally recorded on their first attempts after determining what strategy we would use.

In other words, we didn't practice any of this beforehand. We thought up a strategy, went in, and cleared it.

Hope you enjoy!

mHBH (1:19 clear)

Burn is completely ignorable, and even if you get burned at the start, it doesn't matter since Grace's shield will block the Volcano damage. Grace's shield is also basically "knockback immunity" so you don't flinch when your teammates decide at the last second to drop their volcano on you as you're trying to retreat from Hellfire.

100 meter dives, horrendous volcano placements, a completely whiffed GAlex break chain. Still a 1:19 clear.

X-Muspelheim Meteors are a thing of the past.

mHMC (1:30 clear)

This one took some brainstorming to figure out what the best strategy was, and we decided the most ungabunga way of beating mHMC is to cancel the Tidal Call using Hawk. We lose our OP Hawk stun punisher damage because HMC goes into Overdrive shortly after, but this eliminates one of the biggest run killers (only behind the first stomp) and allows us to barely move from our opening positions.

If you want to see the same Dork Team that our mHBH and mHZD clears used, here's the video. Just note that we felt it wasn't "ungabunga" enough so we scrapped it for Hawks. It still clears fine at a respectable time, but you need to do the Tidal Calls.

mHZD (1:16 clear)

There isn't much to say here besides do what you usually do. Just beware that you might accidentally break too early because apparently 3 Shadow DPS chars and a "healer" can match 4 Light DPS chars.

mHMS and mHJP

Where's mHMS?

While it's possible to clear it using a Dork Team, the clear time was pretty slow (2:00+) and you ended up basically doing the same thing as on-element or Hawk teams. You also still needed a good baiter to bait the spits. In other words, there's no benefit here compared to the other stuff.

mHJP is on-element so no point showing this. For reference, it's getting solo cleared under 40 seconds with like one roll from your opening position.


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